Brio organic supermarket, Lisbon – Portugal

Brio organic supermarket, Lisbon - main pic

Brio Organic Supermarket, Lisbon

Travessa Do Carmo, 1
Chiado Plaza

Monday to Friday 9 to 8pm
Saturday 10 to 8pm
Sunday 12 to 6pm

Almost hidden behind a carpark, Brio in trendy Chiado in downtown Lisbon is definitely worth looking for. It might not be a traditional Portuguese building, but all that can be overlooked when you happen on this lovely bio supermarket with café attached.

Brio is a bright, modern and airy organic supermarket. It’s air-conditioned and attractively and well-laid out and most importantly has an exceptional range of organic fruits and vegetables – quite the best and most varied I’ve happened upon since I left England two years ago in fact.

From pumpkins, beetroot, carrots, mushrooms and different types of leaves – some I’d never heard of – Brio is well stocked.

The chiller cabinets provide organic meat (mainly beef and chicken) along with milkless milkshakes, Bionades from Germany, bio smoothies, organic wheat beers, fruit juices and drinking yogurts – so perfect if you want a cold and healthy drink whilst you are oot and aboot.

You can buy wholemeal cookies at Brio along with grain, breads heavy enough to be murder weapons, healthy granolas and mueslis (that are expensive but more nutritious than their packaging, unlike most high street brands).

Much like most health food shops you can also buy oriental products such as ume boshi, shoyu, tamari, miso and seaweeds.

If you are celiac or prefer gluten free products then they have a great range.

Brio organic supermarket, Lisbon - huge range of organic fruit and vegetables

For milk substitutes you can choose from rice milk, soya milks, spelt milk, nut milk and oat milk.

At Brio you can buy green cleaning products and household products here such as dishwasher tablets, clothes washing fluids, cleaning fluids and recycled papers.

Most exciting for someone who has just spent 1.5 years in Spain is the selection of ‘superfoods’ by a company called Ishwari. I can’t vouch for this company as I’ve not encountered them before but they manufacture pouches containing raw cacao nibs, coconut sugar, spirulina, xylitol, chlorella, camu camu, lucuma etc. I hadn’t seen cacao nibs since I left Catalonia over six months ago and I’ve only ever seen powdered spirulina in one small shop in Barcelona – so, needless to say, I stocked up.

Brio supermarket is also attached to a small restaurant and café called Origem where you can buy organic salads, desserts, breads, pastries, puddings and baked goods. Oh and juices. Click here to read more about Origem..

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