Bubo posh cake shop – Barcelona


Caputxes 10
El Born


Pedralbes Centre
Av Diagonal 609-615


Bubo’s is a right posh spot. Snuggled into El Born it’s an upmarket cake shop that sells the kinds of edible effigys that you aren’t sure you should eat, roll in or just build a shrine to and worship as an idol for the rest of your sugar worshiping days.

The cakes are absolute works of art, I mean only a philistine would plunge a spoon into one of these sculptures and then swallow it, allowing it to become human bolus. It’s all wrong I tell you. Remarkably they retail at €3.80 each. They’d cost twice the amount in the UK. Fact.

The coloured macaroons cost €1 each and come in the usual range of colours.

They also sell delightful chocolates which are less of a bargain at €1.10 each but come in enticing flavours such as lemon, passion fruit, lemon and ginger and I appear to have written down shark and balsamic vinegar. Now I know food has gone all quirky in recent years and I lose track of gastronomic trends as I’m not really that interested in fashion for fodder, but I reckon shark and balsamic vinegar flavour bonbons might be a transcribing error on my part. Anyway – vegetarians don’t eat shark, even if it’s just an essence of shark. We don’t go there. That’s what makes us vegetarians.

Moving on now…

If you are looking for gifts for yourself or someone less deserving there are big thick squares of artisan chocolate for a quietly reasonable €5. Many flavours are available including spicy chocolate (me love the spicy chocolate, me), chocolate and ginger, white chocolate with nuts and dried fruit and milk chocolate with caramel.

You can also buy chocolate lollies for a simple € and small tubs of miniature cookies with all kinds of flavours. But not shark. Nor squirrel for that matter. Surprising in a country that dips baby pigeons in hummus as a starter*.

You can also sit at a small bar looking out onto El Born and drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was made with spices but didn’t blow my hat or tights off and so not spicy enough. Not that impressive really.

* I’ve never heard of or seen anyone doing that in Spain (nor anywhere else for that matter.) It’s all lies. For a start the hummus in Spain is shit. And everyone knows you never see baby pigeons.

Anyway, nice cakes. Dead posh like.

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