Bubub greengrocers – Barcelona

Calle Joaqim Costa, 29

El Raval

Bubub is an absolutely beautiful cute-as-anything mom-and-pop fruit and vegetable shop on the fashionable street of Joaqim Costa in the once-sleazy El Raval –  just a five minute walk from La Rambla.

Bubub was once a toy shop and the new owners decided to retain that name for prosperity I guess.

Bubub doesn’t stock a massive range of fruit and vegetables but is unique because the owners grow all their own produce in a patch of land out near El Prat (by the airport). You can see that the produce is home grown and by the looks of things – they haven’t been marinated in a billion toxic chemicals, although I can’t be entirely sure of that.

The store is delightfully chaotic with baskets and crates of fruit and vegetables all over the place. They sell the standards along with green beans, garlic, string beans, pumpkin, fennel, and herbs.

My favourite thing about Bubub is the hook for you to tie your doggy up at the doorway to the shop. It’s a lovely and thoughtful touch.

Buy your fruit and vegetables here and support mom-and-pop. This is not a place we want to see disappear.


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