Buenas Migas Foccaceria and café – Barcelona

Placa del Bonsucces
El Raval

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Buenas Migas is a great little café in Barcelona serving pizzas on foccacia bread, pastas, salads, hot drinks, desserts and breakfasts.

This is a modern little chain with a choice of indoor or outdoor seating, so is great for all seasons and great for young four-legged types. The atmosphere is buzzy and informal and the staff are young, hip and friendly, without being tedious with it.

Sitting outside with a hot chocolate (chocolate caliente) comes highly recommended. The hot chocolates are the thick (a la taza) types that the Spaniards wisely consume as a breakfast drink but can be inhaled at any time of the day really.

For breakfast they do toast (tostada) either white or brown (pan integral). These are slabs of bread the size of a paperback, that they lightly toast and then you are given a choice of marmalades and jams (all organic) and sometimes Nutella (if you’re lucky/unlucky) to embalm the slabs with.

Drinks wise there is an expansive range of herbal teas such as gunpowder green, camomile, English breakfast and lemon verbena.  There are the usual café con leches and espressos plus soft drinks, and beer and wine for the alcoholics.

The pizzas are not the traditional Italian style but are square slices of foccacia bread, so they are big, thick and squashy and not for the Italian pizza purists. Vegetarian varieties include spinach and blue cheese, and four cheeses. Prices range from €3.95 to €4.50 per portion, which sounds expensive but it’s a big chunk of the stuff that you get in exchange for your 450 cents.

There are also salads (amanidas) of either lentils (€3.95) which looked pretty good and is probably the only vegan-friendly item on the menu, and a goat cheese salad (which I’ve tried in the past and was very poor, although they appear better now).

On my last visit there was a spinach lasagne at €4.95/portion, cheese and tomato pizza slices €3.90/portion, and pasta in pesto dressing at €3.90/portion – all suitable for vegetarians.

Dessert options include natural yogurt, flapjacks €3.20/ea, scones €1.50/ea, and a big chunk of chocolate cake, which was ok. Not exceptional, despite them raving about it on their website.

It’s a great place to meet up with friends if you’ve got any, or to sit and read filthy literature or just watch the Spanish folk go by, whatever the climate.

Having an outdoors makes it very Sweep friendly, but they were also happy to let Sweep sit indoors with us when there were no outdoor tables available. So Sweep gave it a big furry paws up.

All in all, a great place. The herbal teas and hot chocolates come highly recommended.

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