Buenas Migas Foccaceria and café – Gracia, Barcelona

Buenas Migas in Gracia, Barcelona

Buenas Migas Foccaceria and café – Barcelona

Passeig de Gracia

Buenas Migas is a modern chain of cafés with branches throughout Barcelona in all the best areas.

Buenas Migas serves giant pizza slices made with soft and chewy foccacia bread with toppings such as spinach and blue cheese, and four cheeses for vegetarians. Prices range from €3.95 to €4.50 per portion and the portions are adequate.

They also have salads such as goat cheese or lentil – although sadly they  are  often a bit limp and tasteless.

There are usually a couple of pasta dishes, at least one will be vegetarian such as spirals with pesto and parmesan cheese. Pasta dishes start from around €4.

Breakfasts at Buenas Migas come in the guise of pizza (again) or toasted foccacia bread or massive doorsteps of ordinary bread (either white or brown – ‘integral’) which they semi-toast for you. You can choose from several varieties of organic jam and marmalade for your toast, along with a very sweet lemon curd that will make your teeth curl. They also serve natural yogurts either plain or topped with mixed berries or with granola.

Buenas Migas have a range of herbal teas and blends such as gunpowder green, camomile, English breakfast and lemon verbena.  There are the usual café con leches and espressos plus soft drinks, beer, wine and thick hot chocolates served plain, with cream, or broken biscuits available during the winter.

They serve several cakes and desserts including chocolate torte, apple pie, flapjack, and lemon and coconut cake.

Buenas Migas in Gracia has indoor or outdoor seating. Located on the corner the outdoor seating is in the perfect position to catch the sun’s rays. The atmosphere is buzzy and informal and the staff are young, hip and friendly, without being tedious with it.

Buenas Migas is Sweep (dog) friendly both indoors and outdoors – which we are all big fans of.


There are several other central locations across Barcelona. See the website for details:



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