Butron Castle, Gatika in Pictures


Our guided tour of Butron Castle in Gatika wouldn’t be complete without my usual trigger happy photo session so here’s a little gallery of the old and older castle walls. You can see where renovation work has taken place on the structure and the difference between the original walls and the newer sections which have been better maintained.

Enjoy the pictures.


The pathway from the gardens leading to the castle gate.


You can see the difference in the state of the walls.


The older keep walls still wear their age while the newer central section has remained quite pristine.


Like just about every old castle I've ever visited, Butron Castle is awash with symbolism.


But the modern stuff, while still charming, lacks the magic and craft of the old stuff.


This is how I like my castles; a bit grubby and time worn. The grime holds the essence of its ancient tales.


Under blue skies the castle has a magical feel to it. I would love to explore its history some more.


You can find Butron Castle in Gatika via this map:


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Or by GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 43.3623489413949
Longitude: -2.8718090057373

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