Buying ‘English’ food in Barcelona

Sometimes, when you are travelling around another country for a long period of time, you find yourself craving some of the home comforts you left behind. I’ve always found the concept of English people on holiday eating egg and chips or demanding beans on toast in favour of foreign local muck like Thai curry, Moroccan tagines, tapas etc (depending where they are in the world) totally embarrassing  and typically provincial, however, when you live in another country, I don’t consider a jar of marmite here or there, too culturally ignorant. It tastes good, it’s vegetarian, Sweep (furry four-legs) loves it, and the jars are useful for keeping things in (especially Marmite). Marmite is great. It transforms toast into Marmite on toast for a start. What else can you say that about?

Anyway, even an anglothrope (I made that up) like myself might need Marmite or proper chips now and again. There’s not much else to miss about the place. (I don’t miss chips btw.)

So, in Barcelona, here are some places to pick up some typically English fodder, should you strangely wish to:

Larger Carrefour stores often have a foreign food section where you can buy things like Marmite and Kettle Chips (all the greats) and a few other things that you didn’t miss but might look comfortingly or uncomfortingly familiar, depending on your stance.

A Taste of Home (Carrer de Floridablanca 78) sells a range of goods that might make you go ‘aaaah’ or ‘urrrgh’ depending on how much – if at all – you miss the UK’s finest. You can get stuff here such as Marmite, brown sauce, ketchup, salad cream, English mustard, pot noodles and cook-in sauces. Errm. That’s Great Britain to you.

El Corte Ingles – the massive department store on Placa Catalunya also sells some English products.

If you aren’t self catering and you’re desperate for fish and chips – English style – then there is a place on Rambla De Raval (runs parallel with La Rambla) that might help you. I’ve never eaten there as I don’t miss battered fish, chips and pickled onions, but I have heard some pretty bad reviews of the place. Which makes it sound very authentic.

The Stoke Bar on the other side of La Rambla in El Gotico does things like bacon sandwiches, beans on toast and marmite on white toast. There is a pretty decent terrace out the back where you can shamefully devour your revered English fodder. They also have wifi.


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