Buying cosmetics in Barcelona

Sephora - Barcelona

There are two main places to head in Barcelona if you want to buy make-up.


El Corte Ingles
Placa Catalunya, 14

El Corte Ingles is the mammoth of a department store that makes up one side of Placa Catalunya at the top end of La Rambla in Barcelona.

As is the nature of department stores, the ground floor level is mainly dedicated to fragrances, toiletries and make-up and other items that help separate women from their wages.

At El Corte Ingles you can buy Benefit, Clarins, Helena Rubenstein, Clinique, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Chanel along with budget ranges from Bourgouis and a heap of other cosmetic brands I’ve never heard of.

The staff in El Corte Ingles can be a bit snooty but they have a great range of make-up. For a more down-to-earth approach, try Sephora just across the road from El Corte Ingles in El Triangle shopping centre. See below.

Carrer Pelai
El Triangle
I first encountered branches of Sephora in New York so was made up (ha ha ha ha ha) when I discovered that there are branches across Spain in the main cities. (see their website for details)

Sephora sells make-up, fragrances, face creams, body creams, specialist serums and the likes.

They have their own range of make-up and also stock Clarins, Nars, Benefit, Lancome, Smashbox, Make up Forever, Christian Dior, Shiseido, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Yves St Laurent and many other high end brands.

The staff at Sephora are armed with brushes that they carry concealed upon their bodies in holsters and are just gagging to pull out their weapons and smear coloured stuff all over your face, so why not let them, it would be foolish to try and fight them off. Never antagonise a bored beauty consultant.

Organic/natural cosmetics

If you prefer not to rub toxic chemically crap all over your visage in the name of beauty, then the only place I’ve found to pick up organic make-up is in BioSpace (about fifteen minutes walk from Placa Catalunya). They have a very small range of products upstairs. It’s not great but it’s an option if you are ardently against marinating yourself in chemicals.

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