Buying food in Torvizcon, Las Alpujarras – Spain

Welcome sign in Torvizcon
Torvizcon is a small mountain village in Las Alpujarras. Eating out in Torvizcon is bordering on the impossible, but if you are vegetarian or vegan then your only option is going to be self catering or toast.

Whatever your dietary requirements, options are limited to the following:

Spar – if you’re like me, then you didn’t come to a mountain village in the south of Spain in order to shop at Spar. That’s the kind of exotic shopping opportunities you hope to leave behind in England. However, Spar is one of two main options for general food. This small shop – on the main road that leads up from the children’s playground next to the dry river bed, sells the basics: a small range of vegetables and fruits (onions, peppers, the ubiquitous tomato, avocadoes, bananas, lettuce, apples and the even more ubiquitous oranges) along with general supplies such as firelighters, a few herbal teas, dog food, domestic cleaning products, cookies, potato chips, wine, beer, butter, milk, yogurts etc.

On the other side of the street in the small street just up from the square, there is also a supermarket – slightly larger than Spar, where you can buy a similar range of goods.

The best spot for buying fruit and vegetables if you are vegetarian, vegan, raw food vegan or just plain healthy or in need of a damn good salad then on Wednesday mornings a couple of men sell a really good range of fruit and veg from the back of a van outside the Municipal Market, on the same road as Spar but on the opposite side off one of the side streets. They stock pineapples, apples, melons, strawberries, pears, apples, mangoes and bananas; onions, fennel, English style cucumbers, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, avocado, celery, garlic and parsley – obviously depending on the season and availability. This is your best and only chance to pick up such a wide range of fruits and vegetables and the quality is good. Otherwise, you’ll need to take a trip to the nearby-ish market town of Orgiva where the market runs on Thursdays.

There are two bakeries (panaderias) in Torvizcon – the best of which is next to the Post Office (Correo) – just off the main street on the opposite side to Spar.

The butchers (for dog food in my case) is a little low on stock but can be found on the square just by the post office.

The hotel which is at the bottom of the village serves snacks and drinks including coffees, teas, hot chocolate and toasts.

There are lots of lovely dogs in Torvizcon, many of which are street dogs and will welcome a meal and a bowl of water.  Please don’t forget the doggies – the Spanish aren’t always the best when it comes to taking care of our furry cousins.

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