Buying organic meat in Sitges


Sweep Osito loves organic meat

Buying organic meat in Sitges

We are vegetarians/vegans but our little one – Snr Sweep Osito, oh he of the four-legs and sharp teeth – has the digestive system and mouth gear that indicate that meat should form part of his natural diet. We are not ones to argue much with nature. I don’t think those sharp teeth are designed for tearing kibble to shreds.

So if you want to buy organic meat, whether it’s for yourself or your little one, then here are the only places I know of in Sitges that you can find it.


La Garriga

C/Sant Frances, 37

09hrs to 14hrs and 17hrs to 20hrs Monday to Saturday

La Garriga is a traditional butcher (carniceria) in central Sitges on Carrer Sant Frances.

La Garriga only sell organic beef (tenera) but they do have a wide range of cuts. Their other meat is non-organic, although apparently it is locally sourced.


Veritas organic supermarket

Passeig de Vilafranca, 18

For a slightly larger range of organic meats try Veritas.

Veritas is a chain of organic supermarkets throughout Catalonia. They always have a refrigerated section where you can buy a small range of organic meats. These are generally chicken wings, chicken breasts, pork ribs, pork sausages, beef steaks and burgers. Prices are steep but it’s worth paying the extra amount just to pacify your conscience – if you have enough money to even have a conscience.
Biospace organic supermarket – Barcelona

If you want a really good range of organic and locally produced meats then the closest place I know of is Biospace in Barcelona. It’s a bit of a jaunt but is doable if you get the train to Passeig de Gracia – where Biospace is within an easy ten-minute walk of the station (on c/Valencia).

Biospace has a large range including chicken backs, offal and breast of lamb. All great for feeding a raw doggy.
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