Buying toiletries in Barcelona

El Corte Inges - Barcelona, Catalonia

Buying toiletries in Barcelona

If you’ve bought a supply of toiletries from home to Spain with you, which is quite unlikely unless (like us) you came over from England in a camper van, then it’s pretty likely that there is going to come a point when you need to stock up on toiletries. That Burt’s Bees lip balm won’t last forever you know and much as fetid armpits might make you feel like you are living the happy hippy au naturel lifestyle, they aren’t going to make you popular with anyone other than dogs, who love stinkers.

So, for basic toiletries, here are the best places to try in Barcelona:


Schlecker have branches all over Barcelona, and Spain for that matter.  Not to mention Germany, Holland, France, Italy and Austria and probably elsewhere.

Schlecker is a no-frills store (similar to Superdrug in the UK) that sells budget cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products. You can get basic make-up, mosquito repellent, cotton wool, tampons, shaving accessories, shampoos, hair sprays, body washes and a small range of health food products such as rice cakes, brown rice etc.

El Corte Ingles

The other end of the scale is El Corte Ingles, the upmarket (read as snooty) department store that has branches all over Spain (massive branch on Placa Catalunya in the centre of Barceona) where you can buy a good range of hair and body products, shavers and accessories, and make up on the ground level at the far end or go downstairs for a better range of toiletries.


Sephora has branches in the main cities in Spain and sells its own line of toiletries such as shower creams, shampoos and conditioners along with other brands such as Fekkai, Clarins and other pricier names.

The main branch in Barcelona is in El Triangle shopping centre on Placa Catalunya.


Carrefour on La Rambla, 113 is a good spot to pick up basic toiletries such as deodorant, tampons, body wash, hair products and shaving items.


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