Buying vegan and vegetarian shoes in Spain

During more than a year of travelling through the uncompromisingly beautiful country that is Spain, I’d never encountered anywhere that sold vegan footwear. Quadrupeds hind legs suspended from the roof of tavernas – si. But vegan footwear – no. That was until I stumbled upon Planeta Vegano (in Madrid).

Located on Calle Ave María, 42 (28012, Lavapiés, Madrid, Planeta Vegano also sell vegan dog and cat food and a large range of other vegan stuffs including condoms, food, faux meats, vegan cheeses, supplements, cosmetics, clothing, washing products, cosmetics, tampons and bio ranges. And shed loads more of the kind of stuff you’d expect to find in an organic supermarket, anywhere else.

Alternatively, if you are happy to order shoes online, you can also find vegan footwear at Macbeth Shop. Macbeth Shop isbased in The Netherlands but will deliver all over Europe. They have a large range of vegan shoes that sadly all look very similar – a bit like converse. Annoyingly, they don’t seem to stock vegan boots nor nothing, which is both weird and irritating. If you could see me now, you’d see how piqued I am. I’m really rattled, I swear it.

Please note that Macbeth Shop don’t just sell vegan shoes, so be careful when ordering that you haven’t inadvertently clicked on a leather espadrille crafted from newborn piglet tears. I wouldn’t put anything past humans.

They also sell some vegan t-shirts (vegan cow printed on them) and wristbands, if you’re the t-shirt and wristband kind of a vegan. They’re out there.

If you have any specific requirements you can email them at


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