Cabel Fruit and Vegetable shop – Valencia

 fruit and vegetable display in Spain

Placa de la Comunio de Sant Esteve

Cabel is a tiny and absolutely stunning fruit and vegetable shop in Valencia’s old quarter.

The store  is delightful with wicker baskets displaying delicious looking fruits and vegetables including some of the most spectacularly tasty apples and bananas you’ll ever have got your taste buds around.

Cabel sell a fairly standard range of vegetables and fruits in Valencia, such as giant salad onions, tomatoes the size of your head (trusting you aren’t macrocephalic), perfectly formed avocadoes, and luscious red and yellow peppers popping with sweet enzymes. Valencia’s oranges are so perfectly sweet and of such a delightful texture, they are better than most cakes you’ll find in Spain.

The senora that runs Cabel is a delight and clearly takes great care when selecting the quality of stock for her shop and great attention to detail when constructing her displays.

fruit and vegetable shop in Spain
I love Cabel. The range of produce might not be as diverse as Carrefour or any of the other large supermarket chains in Spain, but the quality is infinitely superior and the shop is an absolute pleasure to attend. This is what fruit and vegetable shops should look like.  By far the best fruit and vegetables I’d tried in a long time.

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