Caelum tearoom & café – Barcelona


De la Palla 8
Gothic Quarter

Typical of quirky Barcelona, Caelum is a wonderful traditional teteria (tearoom) and café that sells and serves traditional artisan products (mostly of the sweet variety) that are made by Spanish nuns and monasteries across Spain. That’s right, holy cakes- what could be more virtuous.

Right in the middle of El Gothico, Caelum is an enchantingly beautiful place with the kind of cosy ambience that inveigles you in through the door without you even realising that you really quite fancy a cup of sweet tea, a slice of cake and a nice sit down.

The window displays alone – with their wooden cupids, antique silverware and artisan cakes in traditional packaging –  are enough to prick the interest of most, but if for some inexplicable reason they fail to, the table heaving beneath the weight of cakes, tarts, cookies, pastries, biscuits, candies and dessert wines will.

On two levels, Caelum is packed tightly with small pine tables and chairs. Downstairs is intimate and cave-like with exposed brick walls, high ceilings and subdued lighting make it the perfect location for an intimate tryst or forbidden liaison. Even a not entirely beautiful (ugly) suitor would appear strikingly handsome in this lighting.

In the evenings silver candlesticks burn white candles that make the place seem all the more intimate.

The usual culprits are here: a variety of teas, coffees and cappuccinos; hot chocolates; and a range of cakes including traditional Spanish turron (like nougat) and tiny cookies to the more traditional such as chocolate brownies.

The cakes and sweets are a bit pricey but the tea comes in princely portions and goes lovely when used to wash down an expensive tart.

You can also buy products – such as turron, cookies and chocolates – to take away, that come in stunning packaging.

No dogs are allowed in Caelum (which is understandably due to the intimacy and candles), so not Sweep friendly but should you find yourself alone and dogless in the centre of Barcelona and with the sudden urge to drink tea and eat cake blessed by friends of the Pope (probably), then head to this tiny street.

Fantastic atmosphere, candlelit, great location, holy cakes.


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