Café-Bar Roy – Sitges, Catalonia

Cafe-Roy Sitges


Café-Bar Roy – Sitges, Catalonia
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It’s not that Café-Roy in Sitges has a particularly awesome vegetarian-friendy menu nor that the quality of their offerings is astounding but it does have a few vegetarian-friendly dishes, a menu in English (if your Castillano isn’t up to scratch or up to anything for that matter), they also have a range of herbal teas and infusions and the location is great along Sitges main shopping street.

Whilst Café-Roy has a lovely terrace which makes it terribly good and dog-friendly, it also has a less dog-friendly but camera-friendly interior with quirky vintage objects and a massive medieval-looking chandelier.

The menus are in English and all the staff seem to speak excellent English too, so you can be a typical lazy tourist here.

Café-Roy serve breakfast until midday where you can have an English breakfast (yes, it’s sad but it’s true) if you like fried animal (be careful though – I hear animals are made of meat and the consumption of meat is linked to many cancers); toast with olive oil or with butter and jam or a classic breakfast with toast, butter, jam, orange juice and coffee.

They also have sandwiches and flautes with either cheese or cheese as a filling for vegetarians.

The tapas menu at Café-Roy has the usual offering for vegetarians ie patatas bravas and pan con tomate, however they also have goat cheese and spinach pie (€6.95) or goat cheese with onion and tomato chutney (€3.20).

If you’re an egger, Café Roy have Spanish-style fried eggs with home-made chips.

If I’m in Sitges, I’d rather go to Enrich and/or Veritas and picnic on the beach – foodwise. Or to Al-Vert nearby.  I’d go to Café-Roy for a cup of tea and to watch the world and their dogs pass by on the terrace.

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