Café Camelia – Gracia, Barcelona

Cafe Camelia in Gracia, Barcelona

Café Camelia – Gracia, Barcelona

Verdi, 79

There’s an art deco feel to Café Camelia on Verdi – one of Gracia’s main streets. Sage green and white floor tiles, a turquoise sideboard displaying unpretentious home-made cakes and a display case full of antique crockery. The lighting is low and the chairs wicker. The contemporary music is incongruous and it’s almost upsetting to find out that they offer free wi-fi, although I take advantage of it anyway. How else can I inform my Facebook ‘friends’ that I’m in a café.

Most importantly at Café Camelia are the organic teas that are loose-leaf and come served in large retro green mugs and garnished with a tiny heart-shaped cookie. They have a range of rooibos teas with ginger and lemon, or cinnamon, or a blend called ‘bien humor’ (good mood) and fruits of the forest or green teas with ginger and lemon or mint, there are also some blends such as relaxing and digestive. There is also Earl Grey tea, chai, English breakfast tea, apple and jasmine tea.

To drink, beyond tea, Café Camelia has German organic drink – Bionade along with hot chocolate, coffees, wines and beers.

If you’re a plain vegetarian then the menu at Café Camelia you might like the quiche with salad and couscous with vegetables or a choice of home-made  soup, such as leek.

They serve sandwiches and a large good value salad for only €6.50, which contains goat cheese, which is sad  if you are a vegan or just can’t bear goat cheese.

I no longer partake in desserts as I’ve been detoxing in order to shoo the sugar demon from my body for a while but the home-made retro cakes do look tempting. They look like they were made lovingly by someone’s Nan. Surprisingly (for Spain) Café Camelia serve hummus with vegetables, which costs €5.50.

Café Camelia has a lovely atmosphere, ruined, although only somewhat, by the ugly music.

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