Café Jamaica – CC La Canada, Marbella






Cafe Jamaica - La Canada, Marbella


Centro Comercial la Cañada, 58, Local 62  29603 Marbella, Spain

952 86 77 24




La Canada is a grotesque and massive shopping centre close to Marbella. It caters to the deluge of Brits abroad (with its branches of Marks and Spencer and Habitat) who come to Spain for the sunshine rather than the culture, along with the young consumer-obsessed locals who love to shop, shop, shop and prefer to do so in an perfumed aircraft hanger with no heart or soul and that is harshly lit by strip lighting so bright you are lucky if you still have retinas when you leave. It contains a massive Al Campo, Marks & Spencers, L’Occitane, Springfield, Apple Store, Worten, Fnac, Zara, Mango, Leroy Merlin and lots of sporty shops aimed at folk with debatable dress sense.


Should you happen upon the nightmare and find yourself suddenly shopping at La Canada and desperately ceased by the urge to eat sweet stuff,then I’d recommend avoiding Café Jamaica on the first floor gallery of the building.


Café Jamaica serves gigantic portions of distinctly sub-average over sugared, fake cream cakes in the kind of portions you’d expect in Southern America. And with commensurate prices to go with them. The cakes look great but taste pretty vile. Don’t be surprised if you pay eight euros for a  gigantic slab of sickly rubbish.


They also serve drinks that are slightly better. Large chocolate ice-cream and vanilla drinks. Admittedly in generous portions but six euros for an average milk shake is way over priced. No one needs that much dairy or sugar.


Thoroughly yuk. Avoid it. Terra Sana downstairs sell pretty good ice creams and good smoothies to eat in or  take away if you’re desperate for sweetness without having to spend more than you’d spend on a meal.




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