Café Saudade vegetarian-friendly – Sintra, Near Lisbon

Cafe Saudade in Sintra, Portugal (1)

Avenida Doutor Miguel Bombarda, 6
2710-590 Sintra

“Hurry to my house, my friend and we will drink tea and watch the cherry blossoms fall like snow” reads the Asian proverb on the front of the menu at Café Saudade. It’s a clue to the delightful not to mention delicious experience ahead of you when you put one aching foot in front of the other and let everything else follow.

Sintra is a gorgeous and mysterious delight for every sense you have. Breath taking and verdant scenery, tiny parks, a stunning castle in one of the most mystical settings you could ever hope for  and palaces that are downright palatial. Sintra manifests like the description misappropriated from the pages of a child’s story book. Café Saudade is a continuation of that fantasy.

Set in a beautiful old cheesecake factory with marble floors and stucco ceilings – it’s almost like stepping into another era. Continuing the marble theme, the tables are marble topped and ill-matched chairs gather around them.

Cafe Saudade in Sintra, Portugal - hot chocolate

Consisting of several rooms Café Saudade is a lovely little mystery all of its own. One room contains a display of contemporary tapestries, whilst another contains Portuguese handicrafts such as brightly painted doves and Portuguese roosters in several different colours that are for sale.

The menu at Café Saudade is interesting and very vegetarian friendly. Drinks start at €0.65 for an espresso and you can choose from several different coffee types from macchiato to Americano, Portuguese café au lait, Portuguese lattes, iced lattes, cappuccinos and a signature latte.

There are also hot chocolates (thick or thin) and freshly made lemonade, freshly made gooseberry lemonade and a large range of teas and organic infusions.

Cakes and pastries are second to none – gorgeous cheesecakes dripping with forest fruits, regional delicacies, muffins, cupcakes, puddings, mousses and yogurts.

If you want something more than just cake to eat, then there is a veggie salad with mozzarella, tomato, olives, lettuce, carrots, beetroots, herbs and house dressing for €5.95. There are also mini spinach and ricotta pies and sandwiches available on different types of bread such as regional bread or bolo de caco, a traditional bread from Madeira Island (although you’ll pay extra for the latter). There is also a veggie friendly Panini with goat cheese, lettuce, tomato, carrots, beetroot and house dressing.

Every  day Café Saudade have a set light meal with a vegetarian soup and two mains, one of which is veggie. These are roasted vegetable lasagne, roasted vegetable taglietelle, vegetable and goat cheese wrap, coucous salad, spinach and ricotta puff pastry pie and broccoli pesto wrap. All are served with salad and cost €6.50.

Cafe Saudade in Sintra, Portugal - tea and cheesecake

Brunch is served on the weekend and costs €12 but is vast with a drink such as fresh juice, latte, tea or a hot chocolate; a scone with butter and jam; a basket of mixed breads (apple and raisin bread and regional bread) with butter and jam (leave out the ham); yogurt parfait which consists of granola, fresh homemade yogurt and jam or honey, a slice of cake and a coffee. Served from 12 to 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


On normal days you can take advantage of the chalet breakfast, served until 11am which includes a Portuguese latte, tea, lemonade, nectar, milk or chocolate milk; a fresh orange juice, an XL scone croissant or yeast cake or regional bread served with jam, chocolate, butter or cheese; a slice of cake or pie, a typical Sintran dessert and a piece of seasonal fruit. All for just €7. Although enough to rot your teeth.

Café Saudade also has free wifi and although they don’t allow doggies, there are a few small tables outside on the main road where you can park yourself and the hairy one down.

Everything about Café Saudade is divine. Lovely staff, gorgeous surroundings, beautiful music, exceptional food, all in a thoroughly splendid town.

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