Cafe Sitges

Calle Sant Pau 32

Sitges isn’t just about big gay boys anymore. Those cock-centric days are gone. There is still a big gay element around and a bunch of gay bars with a few tanned locals and well groomed tourists and older gay couples with their gay haircuts and little gay dogs but the vibe in Sitges is more mixed gay-friendly and family oriented now. Which is nice when you have a muff.

Cafe Sitges is in central Sitges and is a little café with a European flavour. Expect to hear English, American, French, German, Dutch and Spanish chatter as you take a drink and relax.

Its large glass frontage makes the café feel light and airy and whilst in all fairness it is probably nothing special, there is something welcoming about this little haven. Despite being aimed at the gay contingency, tables are generally crammed with old heterosexual couples drinking espresso to enable them to stand up, clusters of young girls chortling over boys, families arguing about family type things and general holidaymakers.

What we liked about this place was that we were made to feel more than welcome, as was Sweep and that they served breakfasts and hot chocolate (chocolate caliente), which is always a pull.

The latter, which is my obsession, if not my vice, comes in either Ingles (weak, dull and runny – if that’s your style) or Espanol style (delightfully thick) or for the seekers of the exotic, Swiss style, which is Spanish style wearing a hefty crown of cream. Not a bad hot chocolate to be honest. Not the best in Sitges – Llao Llao holds that accolade, but damn good all the same.

To complement your sugar binge you can also pick from muffins, croissants and pastries, although you’d be better off going to Enrich around the corner for the best quality I’ve found in Sitges.

If you are missing English breakfast and are vegetarian, then you can relive memories of torturously grim English mornings with scrambled eggs on toast for €3.50 or toast and jam for €1.50.

A busy little café with a lovely mixed ambiance that is very close to the beach.

Vegetarian food in Sitges

Vegan food in Sitges


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