Caffe Blu – Poble Nou, Barcelona

Rambla Poble Nou, 11-13 (on the corner of Taulat)
Poble Nou

Caffe Blu is an Italian-inspired pizzeria restaurant/café with the benefit of lovely free and delicious wi-fi. Internet… yum!

You can stop by here for a coffee, a hot chocolate or a tea; to snack or eat a proper meal; or to whisper dirty somethings into a lover’s or lovers’ ears after a few brutally strong cocktails.

In the mornings, they serve croissants and coffee and folk drool over their laptops looking like they might be doing something dreadfully important, but invariably pottering around on Facebook, Twitter or the likes.

Anyway, what people do in the privacy of their own laptop is not my concern, the veggie options are as follows:

If you are feeling healthy there is lentil salad with mixed green eaves, baked peppers, hard-boiled egg, tomato and carrot for €5.40. Or a Winter salad with provolone cheese, apple, nuts and raisins and mixed leaves for €6.40. Goat’s Salad (don’t panic) which actually means goat cheese rather than the animal itself and lambs lettuce (don’t panic mk II!) and costs you a mere €5.90. There is also a vegetable salad, with all kinds of vegetables, goat cheese, olives and hard-boiled egg for €6.40. So zero for vegans I’m afraid.

There is a spinach lasagne (€8.60) and a number of pizzas: margarita, picante, fresh tomato pizza, goat cheese and pear, four cheeses, even six cheeses goddamnit (which concerne me. I mean… is that legal?)– and these start from €7.90.

I don’t eat pizza as a general rule but I did get to see and smell one, which almost resulted in my general rule breaking. It looked Italian-style with a crispy base and strings of chewy cheese; and smelled positively divine. How dare it.

There is a choice of menus between 13hrs and 16hrs such as pizza and salad, salad with bread and drink, pasta with salad and dessert and all manner of combinations there of.

The healthiest dessert on offer is yogurt with seasonal fruit salad which costs €3.60 but there are more brutal desserts such as sweet pizza, tarta tatin, panna cotta, tiramisu and various ice cream amalgamations.

They are open in the mornings for drinks and they have fruit smoothies (pineapple, melon, pineapple with mint, or mango which all cost €3.80.

Smoothies with milk (no soya) are coconut, strawberry, mango, pineapple, melon or maracuya and cost €4.00. And they are also available made with ice cream.

Sandwiches suitable for vegetarians include semi-cured manchego for €1.75 or sandwiches (pan de barra) there are a number of vegetarian options including mozzarella, tomato and rocket, guacamole with provolone cheese and sliced tomato, and plain cheese. These cost from €2.90.

The location is lovely on a corner of La Rambla de Poble Nou and carrer del Tailat. Outside there are window benches stacked with cushions and tables beneath a canopy. Inside dark tables and chairs with red upholstered benches.


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