Campervan Progress – Covering the New Seat Cushions

The industrial sewing machine


In my previous article I talked about cutting the memory foam seat cushions to shape which you can read by clicking here. The next step was to cover them; a job I’d have to call on a friend to help with.

I am absolutely clueless when it comes to working with fabric and at best I can sew buttons back on shirts. One of our friends here in Spain is an excellent seamster and he used to have a shop in Berlin making soft furnishings. He has an industrial strength sewing machine which actually makes the place shudder when it’s in full swing.


The cushions covered in their fleece material

The cushions covered in their fleece material


When I showed him the cushions he said he’d have no problem covering them and that it would be a three phase process. We chose a black satin like fabric with a flock effect because we love the 70s.

Firstly he would have to cover them in a fleece type material which will make it easier to slip them inside their new covers.

The second step was to measure the amount of fabric needed with is special fold out ruler. Once measured he cut it with some hefty scissors and then set about making the premises shudder with the industrial sewing beast.


Adding velcro to hold the cushions in place

Adding velcro to hold the memory foam seat cushions in place.


The final phase was a matter of adding velcro for the seams and on the base of the cushions so that they stay in place when we’re driving, sitting or jumping about on them like five-year-olds.

I can’t report too much detail on the job but in a matter of a few hours he presented us with lovely new seat cushions and the offer of some new curtains from the same fabric. I couldn’t refuse.

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