Campervan Progress – Making New Seat Cushions

Cutting the memory foam to make seat cushions for the campervan


I’ve covered the interior of the van and the whole design/building progress fairly extensively so I’m not going to dwell on that too much anymore. You can review previous articles by clicking here. The interior is ready for furnishing now and although I had some memory foam seat cushions they needed refining and in this article I’ll explain the process.

As I mentioned, the cushions are made of memory foam which is exceptionally comfortable will shape itself yo you over a period of time (a few minutes normally). It springs back into shape when you move so you bed, seats or whatever always look tidy.

The two pieces I had were acquired from a branch of ‘Dreams‘ in the UK; a large chain of bedroom furniture retailers. I asked them if they ever had any spare memory foam and the assistant manager said they had a piece which had been used to pad out a delivery. He kindly gave it to me for free and it was just a little more than I needed.


Using a bread knife to cut the memory foam

As you can see I used the metre rule as a guide and cut carefully in sawing motions across the top of the memory foam cushions with a bread knife.


I had to make rough cuts in it at first then laid the two pieces on the bench seats to mark them. I measured them again to be sure then placed them on the floor to begin cutting. I used a metre rule as my marker and knelt on the foam to stop it moving. I then used a bread knife to make the cuts.

It’s important to note that you SHOULD NOT try to cut straight through the memory foam if you want a neat finish as you will get stray cuts and untidy edges. The best technique is to cut with the bread knife in sawing motions across the top of the mattress, working all the way through in steady increments.

I spent roughly 20 minutes cutting the pieces to the right size and was very happy with the results. The next job was to cover them and add velcro to hold them firm.

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