Camping El Chorro – El Chorro, Andalusia

Camping El Chorro
Paraje Natural del Chorro
29500 – Alora
Andalusia (Spain)
GPS: 36.90806 -4.76083

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Camping El Chorro is one of the lovelist campsites I’ve found in Spain, or elsewhere. Located alongside the lake and with views of the mountains, the campsite also benefits from many trees that afford much needed shade during the long and excessively hot summers that seem to start at the end of April and continue well into October, and often November.

Camping El Chorro has pitches that are random and unmarked, which we like,and for campervans and caravans there are views of the lake from the front of the small caravanning section. They also have a camping area for tents and lovely wooden cabins beneath the trees.

The facilities are great with clean shower blocks, hot water and a small shop and bar. And the prices are pretty cheap too. Whilst the fodder is neither classy or healthy, you can get a gigantic plate of French fries for just two euros.

The campsite also has a youth hostel area that sadly attracts teenagers who presumably want to go and meet their death in the walk of the king (camino del rey) in El Chorro.

Strangely, there is also an activity area with rope bridges and ladders, where you can climb about like a monkey who accidentally ate amphetamines instead of bananas for breakfast.

Sadly, El Chorro and camino del Rey itself is one of the most dangerous pathways in the world and is now closed to tourists, although adrenaline junkies and climbers still tackle it with the right gear and enough stupidity.

Camping El Chorro is an idyllic campsite that provides a haven for relaxation alongside the beautiful lake. Great during low season when there will just be you, your dog and a few climbers with strong legs.

Friendly staff and decent prices amidst gorgeous countryside make Camping El Chorro one of the loveliest campsites I’ve had the pleasure of spending time at.

Beautiful, cheap and dog-friendly.

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