Camping Lake Caspe, Aragon – not my favourite campsite

Set beside the Rio Ebra, between Fragar and Caspe, Camping Lake Caspe is a somewhat austere site compared with others we’ve stayed at. Right in the heart of Aragon, 20km from the nearest town, the isolated site is something of an island in itself.

Hidden behind a wall of trees next to arid farmland the camp site is engulfed in dust when the wind picks up which is often the case as the land is so open.

In terms of facilities Camping Lake Caspe is fairly standard and well presented. For 15 euros per night thanks to our ACSI card I can’t really complain. But I’m going to. A little bit.

The bar at Camping Lake Caspe.

Wash rooms, showers and toilets are situated right between the the two camping areas and while the toilets are clean and pleasant, the showers are less impressive. A push of the hot water button gives you about 15 seconds of hot water and if you’re too slow to push it again you’re greeted with a fierce blast of cold – not ideal in October when the wind is rattling through the gaps around the door.

In their defence though the washing up sinks are the best I’ve used.

There is a very nice pool here too but given the time of year and my desire not to die of hypothermia I gave it a miss.

Behind the reception manned by very friendly staff is a supermarket which carries a reasonable amount of stock including frozen goods, conserves and a whole host of e-numbered, mass produced snacks that left me cold. Fresh bread is delivered every day.

The entrance to the Rio Ebro is right next to Camping Lake Caspe.

The bar and terrace next door to the shop are pleasant enough and the prices for both food and drink are quite reasonable given the isolation of the site. The food itself is pretty terrible though and sadly is up there with the worst we’ve had in Spain (which is saying something). Microwaved pizzas still cold in the middle are apparently the norm.

Other fare included the usual Spanish offerings of lots of fish, lots of meat and patatas bravas.

The site seemed to lack wifi and due to its location I wasn’t able to get signal on my Carrefour mobile internet dongle (which piggybacks onto Orange’s network). That’s a bad thing for the modern traveller.

As for the camping areas themselves I found the pitches a little too intimate and our neighbours were almost sharing dinner with us. The hard ground is totally unsuitable for tents and the lanes between pitches were also very tight. I saw a few drivers struggle to get their 25 foot campers into a comfy spot. On a plus point there were plenty of 6amp electric hook ups to go round.

Sweep looking handsome as usual. Don't know how he sneaked his way into this review.

Although a nice, compact and well presented site I found it hard to relax at Camping Lake Caspe due to the sonic battle between the bar and a few other campers who felt the need to play their music loud. I have no problem with people playing loud music, just as long as it’s the same music at the same time.

The other problem with Camping Lake Caspe is that it’s a thoroughfare for river revellers who bomb through the site in 4x4s pulling boats and generally kicking up a lot of dust and decibels. There’s a kayak and river boat hire place nearby too which I imagine would thrive in the summer.

Boat and kayak hire are a big attraction for people visiting Camping Lake Caspe.

In summary Camping Lake Caspe is not the worst site I’ve ever stayed at but is equally not the best due to its noise, poor food and overly packed pitches which are too close to allow any privacy. With the ACSI card it’s fine for a few nights but in high season I would absolutely avoid it.

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All images copyright Jacob Lee Bane.

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