Camping Los Jarales – great campsite in Mijas Costa, Sitio Calahonda, Costa del Sol

Camping los Jarales  near Malaga airport


Carretera Nacional 340 Km. 197
29649 Mijas Costa


Camping Los Jarales was a great find. We needed to be closeish to Malaga airport as we were collecting a human parcel (Bella) from an airplane in a couple of days and wanted to be so close to the airport that we could almost hear the planes breathing.

I expected Los Jarales to be a bit carparky in it’s layout and to some extent it was, but, due to its odd shape it was possible to find a nook where hardly anybody was, which meant young Sweepy boy (our delightful and very handsome four-legged companion and head of travel) was allowed some freedom (at the end of a very long rope at least) without the risk of any vehicles or many other bothersome campers.

We found a spot behind the tennis court which was quite green and uncarparky and we were afforded a fair bit of freedom and tranquillity, along with quite a bit of shade – which turned out to be a false economy as it rained for most of the time we were there.

Anyhoo, this spot also benefitted from a proximity to the toilets and wash areas (and washing machines) that we hadn’t often encountered in campsites without being in the busy areas surrounded by other weak bladdered campers.

Other benefits of this campsite were the buses that went along the road just outside either in the direction of Marbella or Fuengirola (and on to Malaga), and a large supermarket just outside the gates. This is a full-size Mercadona with a massive range of fruit, vegetables, meat and what have you (rather than the usual long life milk and white baguettes available at traditional campsite supermarkets). It is also a mere limp away from BarBoru where you can get great UK and Irish-style breakfasts and brunches and some stunning home-made cakes that will make you want to become bulimic (if you aren’t yet bulimic) and continue being bulimic (if you already are).

A fairly peaceful and very convenient campsite just five to ten minutes walk to the beach and thirty minutes drive to Malaga airport.


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