Camping Orbitur Evora, Portugal

Orbitur Evora campsite - Evora, Portugal

Estrada de Alcáçovas
Herdade Esparragosa 7005-206
Évora (Portugal)
GPS: 38.55721 -7.925788

Camping Orbitur Evora in Portugal is a smallish but attractive basic campsite that offers everything you need for a stop over or whilst you visit the pretty town of Evora.

Half the site at Camping Orbitur Evora consists of marked plots, whilst the other is open so that you can park pretty much wherever you like, unhindered by plot dimensions or hedges, which is what we favour. This means that if you arrive at Camping Orbitur Evora during off season, then there is the likelihood that you might find yourself a small, quiet haven undisturbed by other campers.

Another advantage of the unmarked area of the site is that there are lots of creaking old pines to hide beneath. Which might not be so good if you are trying to charge up a solar panel, but is a welcome respite from the midday heat wants to boil your eyeballs at certain times during the year.

Conveniently, there is a huge supermarket within a walk of five minutes or so, so you don’t need to rely on a small selection of over-priced groceries that you usually encounter at campsites the world over.

We didn’t find anywhere in particular to walk our young hairy companion, but that said, we only stayed one night and he played run about amongst the trees until his little hairy heart was content.

Camping Orbitur Evora has the usual facilities you’d expect at a campsite: swimming pool, laundry room etc and a restaurant where you can get pizza, main dishes, snacks and cakes.

A decent campsite on the edge of a lovely town full of photo opportunities and friendly folk.

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