Cannatur health food shop – Santander


Calle Castilla,37

Although we were only in Santander for a very short time, this was the only store I found in the city that sold vegetarian and vegan food items, supplements and health food items. There may be more, hiding somewhere.

This is where – if you are in Santander – you can pick yourself up some organic fruit and vegetables (they have a small and expensive range – but that’s to be expected) and other organic grocery items such as tamari, olive oil, butter, olives, potato chips, rice cakes, apple cider vinegar along with nuts, seeds and dried fruit. They have the usual range of herbal teas, coffee substitutes, honeys, alternative sweeteners and cooking ingredients such as wheat-free pastas, organic rices, flours etc.

If you are a celiac or have wheat or gluten allergies, then you can collect basic supplies from here. They have breads, rolls, crackers, pastas and cookies.

And diabetics can find a couple of friendly jams and preserves, chocolate and cookies.

This is also where you need to head to pick up aromatherapy oils, mixers and coloured bottles to mix them in.

There are also ear candles, non-ear candles, yoga mats and blocks, supplements, recyclable toilet rolls, beauty products, and environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products. New age, hippy, meditation and relaxation cds and books (not in English).

They also offer a range of therapies from nutritional analysis, Bach flower remedies, osteopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology etc.

This was a great find. Stock up here, you never know when you will find the next health food shop.

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