Carmelitas bar and restaurant – Barcelona

Doctor Dou, 1 / Carme, 42
El Raval 08001

Monday to Sunday 13:30-00:00

Carmelitas is neither a vegan nor vegetarian restaurant, it appears here mainly because it is  a spacious airy restaurant that has free wi-fi, and even if you ponder over a cup of green tea for an hour whilst you dribble over the steaming keyboard of a computer, the staff there don’t seem to poke you with a stick.

They do have food suitable for vegetarians, including the obligatory pan con tomate (crusty bread smothered in tomato, garlic and oil) and patatas bravas (chunks of deep fried potato creaking beneath the weight of  a spicy salsa.  Well, that’s the idea). These cost €2.35 and €2.75 respectively.

Beyond that you can choose from dishes such as soup of the day which costs €4.20, seasonal salad (€4.80), grilled vegetables with romesco sauce (€8) or pasta with dried tomato and olives (€8.50).

They also have a menu del dia that costs approximately €10 and includes three courses plus bread and water or wine. The food is pretty good although not exceptional but great value and like I said, if you have a laptop or new fangled iPad and have some working, writing, surfing, or urgent Facebooking to attend to,  this is a great location in which to sit and do just that.

According to Carmelitas their ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced, which gets them a thumb up somewhere, whether they like it or not.

Carmelitas is situated in the trendy once-smelly El Raval area of Barcelona, which is on the opposite side of La Rambla to the Gothic Quarter and just a few minutes walk from La Rambla.

Inside Carmelitas is clean and spacious. A large flat screen decorates a back wall where arty stills are played and a few prints decorate other wall areas but mainly the walls are glass, so you don’t feel like you are sitting in an old box. The staff is very friendly and casual and will leave you to computer away without bothering you to buy another drink every 123 seconds or hurt your head with a stick. That’s good then.

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