Casa Ametller fruit and vegetable shop – Arenys de Mar, Costa Brava

Casa Ametler greengrocers in Arenys de Mar, Costa Brava
Casa Ametller fruit and vegetable shop – Arenys de Mar, Costa Brava
Riera Bisbe Pol, 95 

In case the market over the road is closed and you are a raw foodie or a health food nut or just craving some fruit after a hectic night throwing shapes after one too many Estrellas, then Casa Amatler fruit and vegetable shop in Arenys de Mar will satisfy your needs.

Casa Ametller is a great spot for vegetarians, vegans, health conscious souls and raw foodists, because it has a more diverse  range of fruits and vegetables. Various  types of lettuce and cabbage, and they even have raw beetroot here, which seems difficult to find in Spain.

Casa Ametller is the place to go to stock up on valuable components to stick in your juicer or blender. They also have already prepared fruits just gagging to accompany you to the beach. You can buy ready cut pineapples and small boxes of shiny cherries and sweet cherry tomatoes that you can eat like candy.

Casa Ametller also sell herbs such as c ilantro, parsley and basil and a range of nuts, most of which are roasted but you can get unroasted and unsalted nuts – although not raw. They don’t do ‘raw’ food in Spain. You can buy nuts by weight so you can have as many or as few as you like.

They also stock other grocery items such as chocolate, bread and spreads but their strong point is the range of fruits and vegetables.

An example of some prices (autumn 2011)

Mandarins €1.65/kilo
Red peppers €1.89/kilo
Yellow peppers €1.45/kilo
Bananas €1.49/kilo
Lemons €1.38/kilo
Fuji apples €2.25/kilo
Red onions €1.25/kilo
Persimmons €1.75/each
Mangoes €1.50/each
Small avocadoes €1/pack of 3
Romaine lettuce €o.85/each
Celery €0.98/head
Broccoli €1/head

The market at Arenys de Mar should definitely be your first port of call for fresh fruit and vegetables but if it is closed or if you are looking for a particular item that the market doesn’t seem to stock  – it’s worth checking in Casa Ametller.

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