Casa Ametller fruit and vegetable shop – Sitges

Av. Artur Carbonell, 24.

(plus other locations in Catalonia eg Sant Pere de Ribes)

This is one of the best fruit and vegetable shops in Sitges. It is situated just opposite the market and close to the Renfe, but unlike Sitges market, it stays open all day, without lazily closing up and going home for a two-three hour siesta.

A great resource for vegetarians, vegans, health conscious souls and raw foodists, this place has a pretty diverse range of vegetables and fruits – far greater than I have found anywhere else, with the exception of La Boqueria in Barcelona.

During the summer they sell juices for €1.50, but I firmly suspect that these are not fresh, pure juices. They taste too uniformly sweet. And during the autumn they sell fresh roasted chestnuts.

At the back of the shop they have a big cabinet full of different types of leaves and root vegetables that are kept cold and fresh by big clouds of ice. They have a variety of basic herbs such as cilantro (coriander), basil, mint and parsley and they also sell a small range of breads, cakes and spreads.

You can also buy nuts here by weight. Although, the Sitges market has a better and cheaper selection and is just across the road. They also stock herbs in jars and some prepared salads, and dried fruits such as apricots, dates and goji berries.

An example of some prices (autumn 2011)

Mandarins €1.65/kilo
Red peppers €1.89/kilo
Yellow peppers €1.45/kilo
Bananas €1.49/kilo
Lemons €1.38/kilo
Fuji apples €2.25/kilo
Red onions €1.25/kilo
Persimmons €1.75/each
Mangoes €1.50/each
Small avocadoes €1/pack of 3
Romaine lettuce €o.85/each
Celery €0.98/head
Broccoli €1/head


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