Casa Bacardi, Sitges, Catalunya

Casa Bacardi in the old town at Sitges, Catalunya

Casa Bacardi

Address: Old Market, Town Square 11, Sitges, 08870

Opening Hours:  12pm-2pm then 5pm-9pm


I recently wrote about the notion of corporate sponsorship taking root on the seafront at Sitges when I spotted a monument dedicated to Bacardi. I didn’t look further than my nose on that occasion and although the previous post raised some valid points, I was wide of the mark where Bacardi was concerned.

As it happens Don Facundi Bacardi Masso was born in Sitges and in 1886 he built the distillery where the popular drink was made. Casa Bacardi was opened on July 28th, 2010 as a homage to the Bacardi name and is a reasonably priced tour of a unique slice of history which culminates in a taste of an exclusive type of Mojito.

For the drinkers and the drink aware it may be a fun tour and certainly learning how the drink rose to prominence from humble beginnings and became a worldwide success is an interesting study, not least because it charts the rise of social drinking and its role in society today.

The whole area is a drink-fest really as Sitges sits towards the eastern reaches of Cava country which originated in the Del Penedes area of Catalunya and has spread outwards to smaller vineyards in the region, reaching into El Garraf.


Bacardi Monument on the seafront at SItges

Bacardi Monument on the seafront at Sitges - not an act of corporate sponsorship.


Casa Bacardi can be found in Mercat Vell, Sitges Old Town and the cost of the tour is 5 euros per person. Your tour guide is none other than a descendent of Snr Bacardi himself and is a great ambassador for the family name as he speaks passionately about his (nth great) Grandfather’s legacy with pride and pizazz.

Sitges is a party town so it’s perhaps only right that Bacardi should find its home there, although it does raise the clichéd “chicken vs egg” conundrum.

Read my previous rant about Bacardi and corporate sponsorship here.

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