Casa da Muralha cafe – Monsaraz, Portugal

Casa de Muralha, Portugal

Next to the Castle

It was the pictures of fruit juices that tempted me in like a siren onto the fruity rocks after a morning climb through the cobbledy and oh so quaint streets of Monsaraz.

In a corner next to the castle, at 10am on a late June morning the place was deathly quiet with us the only customers. The outdoor terrace cowers beneath a huge tree providing shade and coolness from the impending summer heat.

You can find healthy and unhealthy stuff at Casa da Muralha. They have super detoxifying fresh lemon drinks that are tart enough to cleanse the palate and awaken the mouth. There are also juices and shakes constructed from frozen fruit pulp and come in pineapple, Barbados cherry, guava, mango, passion fruit, strawberry, red papaya and cashew flavours. Juices cost €2.40.

Casa de Muralha, Portugal - cheese on toast Portuguese style

There is also a comprehensive hot chocolate menu serving Portugese-style hot chocolates (eg thick and sweet) in various concoctions such as classic, mint, toffee, swiss-style (served with cream on top), which chocolate Swiss-style, Biberon (made with condensed milk), Russian style with vanilla ice cream and chocolate bits, white chocolate, orange, coffee, hazelnuts, fruits, dark chocolate or plain old traditional. Hot chocolates start from €1.75 but sadly there is no vegan option.

Vegetarian eats are few but include toast with butter, jam, tomato, pumpkin jam or honey. Toasts cost from €1.40.

Casa de Muralha, toast with pumpkin jam

Everything we had was of pretty good quality and we were happy to find fruit juices and a lovely cool enclave in which to rest your plates of meat, take stock or read. Good value and pleasant.

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