Castell de Castelldefels, Costa Dorada, Catalunya

The main gateway to Castell de Castelldefels, Catalunya


After leaving the beach at Castelldefels we ventured inland to find the castle. We didn’t know there was one for sure but with a name that begins with ‘Castell’ it’s a safe assumption. Our assumptions were right as it happens and the castle sits up a hill a few kilometres inland where is provides great views of the Costa Dorada, all the way from Barcelona to the rising banks of Parc del Garraf where it extends south towards Sitges.

Castell de Castelldefels is only open every second Sunday of the month between 11:00 and 14:00, then again at 17:00 until 19:00.

Sadly we arrives on a Saturday so had to settle for a little walk around the outer walls while casting longing glances through the gates for a glimpse of what lies beyond.

To my very untrained eye the castle looked like it had been made from several buildings which have been added to or renovated down the years and upon further investigation I discovered some truth in that notion. The castle was originally designed in 967 AD as a church which still stands at the southern end of the complex. In 1988 the local council bought the castle and carried out an archaeological examination a year later.


The Romanesque walls at Castell de Castelldefels

The castle at Castelldefels is a cobbled together group of buildings whose history extends back to 967 AD.


Work was undertaken to restore the old buildings and they were subsequently made into a tourist attraction. Mediterranean Fan Palms grow in the grounds which offer various routes to the summit where views of the Collserola hills, Montjuic, the Llobergat Delta and the Mediterranean coast await.

Sadly I can’t offer any details of the interior at this point but I will return in a few weeks for a guided tour and some much needed info.

Contact the tourist office:


Pintor Serrasanta 4


Castelldefels (Barcelona)

Contact details

Tel.: +34 936352727

Fax.: +34 936352726


If you plan to visit the area and the idea of a tent or campervan doesn’t appeal you can book a hotel by clicking here.

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