Cat Bar vegan fast food – Barcelona

C/ Bòria, 17  08003 Barcelona
Nearest metro: Jaume

It’s kind of a strange place the Cat Bar. It’s a vegan restaurant that serves fast food (well, as fast as it comes in Spain) and the menu reads like that of an English transport caff (café) but it’s in Barcelona, Spain.

For example, there is an all-day vegan English breakfast, which consists of sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and toast and costs €6. Or there is sausage, chips and beans or burger, chips and beans (both also at €6) and various other unimaginative but traditional configurations of burger, chips, beans, salad and sausage.

They also serve marmite on toast (!) for €2; hummus with bread which is either €3.50 or €6 depending on size (of the portion, not you), beans on toast for €3.50; English chips for between €3.50 and €6; and soup for €2.

For afters there are home-made cakes at €2.

All their drinks are vegan too, including spirits, wines and a massive range of artisan beers – if you’re that type. But there are Bionades (the German carbonated herbal drink and juices for the more health conscious.)

The menu del dia (menu of the day) costs €9.50 and goes like this:

One of the following:

  • carrot soup
  • leek and potato soup
  • mixed salad
  • quinoa salad

One of the following:

  • hamburger with salsa, chips and beans
  • mushroom risotto
  • quiche with potato and boiled vegetables

One of the following:

  • chocolate cake
  • lemon cake
  • fruit
  • tea infusion

You also get bread and a choice of water, beer or wine.

Raw vegans need not apply. You’d be better off going to Juicy Jones or Self Naturista or just one of the markets.

The interior of the Cat Bar is young and bright and the staff are much the same. Welcoming, friendly and they speak to you in perfect English if your Spanish or Catalan is less than perfect. A giant cat face adorns the wall as you go in. The interior is slightly quirky without trying too hard.

They welcome the four-legged ones into the restaurant – which always wins favors with me. Sweep was treated like just another human customer, and lavished with water and tickles. And they also have free wi fi.

I’ve always had little respect for the clichéd English people abroad for a fortnight sitting eating egg and chips and watching football whilst they read red topped newspapers, but Cat Bar is something far different from that. And when you’ve been in Spain for over a year, a bit of marmite on toast is exactly what you want. Sweep loves it too.

Lovely restaurant with a great ethos in a lovely area of the most beautiful city in the world. Thumbs and paws up.

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