Catalonia Bans Bullfighting but not Correbous

Are flaming horns really necessary? Is Correbous really necessary?

A bull during a Catalan Correbous. This barbarism is completely unnecessary.



In 2012 the Catalan parliament moved to ban bullfighting from the region, much to the applause of animal rights activists, vegans, vegetarians and forward thinkers. Sadly though the ban did not seem to extend to “Correbous”, or “Running of the bull”, an event which sees bulls let loose in the streets or plazas of towns and villages to chase locals.

Although lauded by many, the move only seems to have been a political stunt by Catalonia to distance itself further from Spain in order to step closer to complete independence.

Firstly, the Correbous is an extremely dangerous event for both runners and bulls. There are usually six bulls which sometimes have flaming items attached to their horns as they chase visitors through the streets, while other attack the animals in what can only be described as pointless acts of animal cruelty.

Many Spaniards defend the Correbous as a part of their cultural heritage or tradition, but the argument for that is a simple one. In South Africa black people were treated as sub-humans for decades (read as centuries) through the Apartheid between 1948 and 1994 when the international community condemned it and pointed out the country’s failings on the human rights front.

In western societies women weren’t even allowed to vote and were certainly treated as a lesser species, even as recently as today, because let’s face it, sexism has never gone away and a vast array of misogynists still hold too many important positions of power.


A Matador finds out the hard way

Although not from Correbous this shot is a perfect depiction of how utterly pointless the bullfighting tradition is. The bull always comes of worse so this is a hollow victory for those staunchly against animal cruelty.


The shout of, “But we’ve always done it” really has no meaning when put into context; this barbaric behaviour in the name of tradition must stop and Spain needs to move into the 21st century in terms of its animal rights policies. The Correbous is nothing more than dick waving and machismo which proves nothing in the real world. Running away from a bull isn’t brave, it’s as cowardly as it gets and in the worst cases there have been human deaths (which do not stack up to the amount of bovine deaths each year), especially in Pamplona where hundreds of thousands of idiots flock to see other idiots chased by scared animals for ‘fun’.

Rightly so the Correbous has fallen under the spotlight of animal rights groups who are requesting that the Catalan parliament extend the bullfighting ban to this barbaric event. There is currently a petition which will be presented to the parliament soon so please click here to visit the site and sign because by doing so you’ll be putting another nail in the coffin of animal cruelty.

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