Catalonia Photo Montage #1

A montage of images from Sitges and Parc del Garraf

Catalonia Montage #1


Top, from left to right:


Part of a mural at Veggie Garden, C/ Dels Angels, El Raval, Barcelona;

Sand sculptures at Sitges during carnival weekend, February 2012;

Lemons on display at Juicy Jones, Hospital 74, El Raval, Barcelona;

A cellist performing on the seafront during Sitges Carnival, February 2012;


Bottom, from left to right:


Vintage car part shop in El Raval, Barcelona;

A piece of bark in Parc del Garraf, near Sitges, Catalonia;

Perrenial flowers in Parc del Garraf, near Sitges, Catalonia.


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