Cheap vegetarian eats in Barcelona part 2

Arepas from Argentina

If you’re in search of super-cheap vegetarian eats in Barcelona, then look no further then there is some good news for you below. Barcelona’s day of being a cheap destination are long gone thanks to the euro, however, it’s not entirely impossible to find something cheap and satisfying when your budget doesn’t allow for decadent meals in the best vegetarian restaurants.

La Clandestina

All snuggled up in the middle of El Gotico, it’s a quirky little tea shop that is the perfect retreat for writers, readers or those who wish to drink tea and contemplate the great mysteries of life like sandwich paste, brass bands and Lady Gaga’s inexplicable success.

They also do sandwiches such as mozz. avocado and tomato on dark bread that are large and tasty and cheap.

Buenas Migas

Buenas Migas is a great little café in Barcelona serving pizzas on foccacia bread, pastas, salads, hot drinks, desserts and breakfasts. There are branches in El Raval, El Born and La Barceloneta to name a few.

La Taguara

An arepa is a pocket made of maize (aka corn) and then stuffed with various items.

Your choice of arepa is quickly prepared and wrapped in paper and then you can smother it with one or all of the following salsas that are available such as garlic and parsley; avocado; piquant, cilantro (coriander) or maize (corn).

The Dog is Hot

They have a massive range of options here both for the meat eating hot dog over and the not meat eating animal lover. In fact every option comes with the choice of either a meat dog or a tofu dog.

Choose from the likes of Basicdog with onion and cheddar cheese; Rusticdog with rocket, tomato, cheese and oregano; Alfadog with mushrooms, olives and alfalfa; Guacadog with guacamole, fried onions and cheese; Green dog with green dressing, fried onions and sundried tomato; Specialdog with rocket, dried tomato, raw onion, guacamole and cheese, or make your own from a range of ingredients.

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