Cheap vegetarian eats in Barcelona


If you’re in search of super-cheap vegetarian eats in Barcelona, then look no further as there is some tasty news for you below. Barcelona’s day of being a cheap destination are long gone thanks to the euro, however, it’s not entirely impossible to find something cheap and satisfying when your budget doesn’t allow for decadent meals in the best vegetarian restaurants.

Maoz Falafel

At Maoz Falafel for a few euros you will get your clammy and disgusting mitts on a hot white pitta bread, along with five or six hot falafels  that you can then squeeze full of  different salads that you help yourself from the salad bar. Salads include tahini, hummus, mixed leaves, tomatoes, chopped cabbage and chilli sauce. It doesn’t sound so appetising admittedly. But it’s a fast food and once drenched in tahini and chilli, it all combines into a big squashy, crunchy, drippy amalgamation.

Pizza del Born

At Pizza del Born you can fill up on a complete meal of pizza slices and a couple of empanadas washed down with beer, wine, or soft drinks. The food is quick, fresh tasting and fairly tasty. Toppings are fairly standard issue with most containing meat or fish, but there are a couple of old faithful amalgamations for vegetarians.

Bar Piadina

A piadina is a thick toasted Italian-style crepe that is then filled with either sweet or savoury ingredients and then folded in two. It’s a cheap and tasty way of filling yourself up and loans itself very well to the vegetarian and vegan diet as they are made with flour and olive oil.

Vegetarian options at Bar Piadina generally involve some sort of cheese that melts all gooey fashion but it might also involve pesto or chilli oil.

L’Anima de Gracia organic piadinas

The beauty of L’Anima de Gracia is that the ingredients – both for the piadina itself and the fillings are organic. If you’re unfamiliar with a piadina it is a type of Italian bread – much like a wrap, but it is grilled until crispy before being filled and folded and doused in chilli oil (if you so wish).

Santa Piadina

At Santa Piadina can choose from wholemeal, spinach, tomato, organic or spelt piadinas – which is fabulous for the health conscious or gluten intolerant individual. What’s more they are made at Santa Piadina with extra virgin olive oil.

Santa Piadina have loads of vegetarian and even vegan options, along with sweet piadinas. They also sell cupcakes.

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