Chemtrails over Mas Mestre and Sitges


Chemtrails over Sitges. Dirty, nasty things.

I’ve been aware of chemtrails for about a year now. I first noticed them while in Berlin and thought how odd they are; those lingering strips of cloud that planes leave behind. I remembered as a kid they would vanish almost instantly leaving the sky untouched behind them but these things, they stick around for hours.

So what the hell are they then? You may ask…

Well, they’re a chemical broth which by all accounts is designed to makes us more compliant. These aerosol chemicals are sprayed in criss-cross patterns and slowly cascade down on us throughout the day. The Nazis pulled a similar stunt by putting fluoride in the water supply at Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen, rendering the populace unable to resist or rise up against their oppressors.



How do I know this?

It’s a case of putting it all together. On a chemtrail day you can leave an ordinary coffee filter paper outside to collect the residue and have it tested at a local laboratory. They may charge, but at least you’ll know what’s happening up there.

Chemtrails criss crossing

Chemtrails are a stew of badness. What's worse is that they ruin a perfectly good sky. These literally covered the sky in a matter of an hour.




Chemtrails are said to contain the following:

  • Aluminium oxide – an extremely poisonous heavy metal which is used as a scalar wave reflector.
  • Barium oxide – another poisonous metal used to reflect mind altering scalar waves.
  • Bio Nano-particles – which help distribute scalar waves once they enter the human body.
  • Synthetic polymers – do a similar job to Bio Nano-particles as well as help the chemical cocktail hang in the air.
  • Ethylene dibromide – is considered one of the deadliest toxins as it strips the body of iodine which diminishes our immune system and disrupts our critical thought processes. It is also found in fire retardants and more worryingly in soft drinks like Mountain Dew and Gatorade. It is outlawed in every country except the United States and one other.
  • Other more arbitrary elements discovered in various chemtrail tests have turned upfungidehydrated blood cellsthoriumradioactive thorine and Morgellons Disease.
To counter them we can do the following:
  • Avoid Junk food.
  • Include Colloidal Oxygenated Silver in your diet.
  • Take Illumodine to combat Ethylene dibromide.
  • Take Zeolite which helps cleanse the body of toxins in the bloodstream.
  • And take Clinoptilolite which purges the intestines of toxins.
Most of all, keep watching those skies, especially over heavily populated areas.
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