Restaurante Pekin I Chinese / Thai restaurant – Puerto Cabopino, near Marbella


C/ Puerto Cabopino B-4
Between Fuirengola and Marbella

We went to this place as I was craving Thai food. I mostly crave Thai food, at least I do when I’m not craving cake – which is most of the time.

I was dubious to be honest, I don’t trust restaurants with more than one speciality. Thai food should be made by Thai people, Chinese food should be made by Chinese people. That’s how we know what kind of a world we live in. I was right in my dubiousness. To be fair the food was actually fairly tasty but it was very unThai. The Tom Yum soup tasted nothing like any Tom Yum soup I’ve ever eaten. And the Thai red curry didn’t appear to contain coconut milk, red curry paste or chilli. So no marks for authenticity. However, it was all moderately tasty. Nothing was offensively bland. It’s not somewhere I’d rush back to, but it was ok.

In the restaurant’s defence, I think it’s actually a Chinese restaurant run by Chinese folk, who are trying to cater to more tourists by doing a sideline in Thai. I get the impression that if we’d had something more Chinese, we’d have been less disappointed.

However, the staff were sweet and friendly and the atmosphere was pleasant enough. It was an enjoyable evening.

They have a few vegetarian-friendly dishes and green tea.

All in all, a good spot, especially as we were there with our hairy youngster – Sweep – who we took onto the terrace with no problem. And they even brought him water.

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