Cicciolina Piadina vegetarian-friendly Italian crepes – Barcelona


Ample, 12 Barcelona, 08001
Ciutat Vella
Barrio Gòtic


Piadina’s are Italian crepes griddled until crispy and then stuffed full of things and hopefully tasty to eat.

Many of the combinations involve meat and fish and things we don’t like but there are a few options that might appeal to the discerning vegetarian caught short with an empty furnace and just a few euros with which to quell their intestinal rumblings (which is interestingly called borborygmus).

This might do you then.

Vegetarian options are as follows:

Sofia – mozzarella and tomato – €4.20

Ingenua – mozzarella, tomato and rocket – €4.70

Mediterraneo – goat cheese, tomato and rocket – €4.70

Cicciolina – mozzarella, zucchini and eggplant – €4.70

Vegetable – zucchini, eggplant and peppers – €4.70

Patty – goat cheese, sundried tomato and rocket – €4.70

There are also sweet piadinas with fillings such as nutella, banana, honey, nuts, jam and dulce de leche (like caramel).

Drinks are the usual beers, soft drinks such as soul-rotting coca cola, tango etc, plus coffees and straightforward teas.

Inside it’s pleasantly decorated. Modern but not offensive. There is a long bar where you can eat.

The ingredients are fresh and the piadinas are crunchy and satisfying. Good eats at a very reasonable price. The patty was especially tasty although of course, not vegan friendly unless goat cheese has been inexplicably reclassified as type of vegetable overnight.

This is a great spot for cheap food where you can sit indoors and eat Italian street food.

Only the ‘vegetable’ is suitable for vegans – but please check that they haven’t made the piadinas with milk or butter. I’m pretty sure that they make them with oil but worth checking if they are suitable for vegans.

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