Climbing Ermita Santa Eulalia in Begues, Catalunya – Part 1

The remains of Ermita Santa Eulalia, Begues, Catalunya


We left the castle at Castelldefels behind and headed further inland to the town of Gava, roughly 3km north west. It was a fairly uninspiring place although not dissimilar to Gracia in Barcelona. We didn’t hang around long; a cursory drive through the narrow, sheltered streets on out towards Begues where a much needed adventure awaited in the form of Ermita Santa Eulalia.

Even though we’ve been in the region of Garraf on and off for almost a year I had never heard of this place but as I drove along the road to Begues I spied an arch atop a steep hill. I couldn’t decide whether it was man made or natural so of course, I had to investigate.

We parked up opposite the church at Begues and saw some walks heading off in different directions. Red and white markers would take us to the top according to the nearby information board but before the climb we checked out a few of the plaques outside the church.


The church at Begues, Catalunya

The church at Begues, Catalunya. It was immensely dark inside and a woman was giving vent to her grief inside the door.


They looked like hand painted tiles and carried the names of past heroes or saints. There was a humility about them which brought a sense of peace and history all at once. Strange to feel so grounded by the work of unknown hands.

Elsewhere the place took on the appearance of a shrine and the darkness of the church gave shelter to a woman who sat in the doorway crying. I felt awkward hanging around there; she clearly needed solitude and not the proximity of an enthusiastic, trigger happy, camera wielding interloper. I made a hasty exit and left her to her grieving.


A saintly plaque at Begues

A saintly plaque at Begues.



We set out on the path through plumes of blue smoke emanating from the barbecue at the restaurant on a lower tier of the hill and upwards into the heavier foliage and narrow, foot and weather carved channels of the climb to Ermita Santa Eulalia.

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