Climbing Ermita Santa Eulalia in Begues, Catalunya – Part 3

The Roma walls are all that remains of Ermita Santa Eulalia


The final leg of the climb to the ruins of Ermita Santa Eulalia was a short but consistently tricky one. Sweep and I left Calypso at the forest clearing and headed up onto a large rock for some panoramic goodness and a whole heap more vitamin D.

I didn’t stay on the big rock for too long as I was tired and wanted to get to my goal at the top. Sweep had a long distance growl at another dog which was coming back down so I waited until he and his owners had passed, taking a moment to admire the Llobregat Delta and Barcelona before clambering back down.

The blue sky had been invaded by chemical webs which were fanning out across the sky like slowly falling spider silk and although making beautiful patterns like angels spreading their wings, I knew the truth of their origin was more like something from the darker realms of the spirit world. Hell has a place in the sky and the lungs of man thanks to chemtrails.

As there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about chemtrails except keep talking about them (throw enough shit it’ll stick eventually) I pressed onwards.


Info on the ruins at Ermita Santa Eulalia

My climb had led to confusion. I thought the ruins at the summit were those of Ermita Santa Eulalia. They are in fact of a Romanesque castle.


The familiar terrain seemed easier now and I was soon at the top where a fork in the path led to two roads, one to the base of the mountain and the other to the summit.

I chose the latter and upon walking around the corner was greeted by massive disappointment. The castle was fenced off and according to the sign at the gate is only open for a guided tour every 2nd Sunday of the month.

I considered climbing the fence but my curiousity isn’t as strong as my youthful days and I was also low on water and energy. I declined the invitation I extended myself for a bout of risk and stayed long enough to get a few snaps before starting my descent.


Sweep admires the view of the Llobregat Delta and Barcelona.

Sweep admires the view of the Llobregat Delta and Barcelona.


I met Calypso in the forest clearing and we stayed for a drink and a think. The descent wasn’t too bad although some places were slippery and we had to be careful. I went over on my ankle once but my boots held me together and I could walk fine on it.

Back at the car park we bid farewell to the mountain and climbed aboard Denny for the slow ride home.

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