Clothes washing and launderettes / laundromats in Spain


One of the disappointments when living on the road in Spain is the price of laundry. Let’s face it, even stinky travellers need a clean set of smalls every now and then.

The average price of getting our laundry done – eg washed and dried is about €20 – which if you need to do it every fortnight – is  a  shitting liberty and way beyond our pitiful budget.

One option – out of season at least – is to stay at a campsite every now and then. That way, not only can you wash your fetid buttocks, nostrils and back hair, but you can get your washing done too. The cost of using washing machines at campsites in Spain is generally between about €4 and €6 per load, with a similar amount for the driers. However, if the weather is good, you can save money by putting up a washing line (where allowed) and drying them in the sunshine. During the summer, everything will dry in less than an hour, including your blood during August.

Veritas and other health stores sell bio, non-toxic cleaning products. As do some major supermarkets.

All campsites have areas to wash clothes with your very own bare hands, although often the water is cold and if you are washing more than a few items you will lose the ability to feel anything from your elbows down. Great time to have wrist surgery or tattoos removed if you like.

Generally, we don’t change our clothes as often as we might have done had we had access to a washing machine that didn’t involve us mortgaging our souls. Which made us slightly wiffy but helped the environment a little.

You soon get used to smelling like a man’s cock.

Launderette in Spanish means lavanderia automatica.

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