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Avenida de la Puerta del Mar, 15

I went looking for Llao Llao in Marbella and then saw this place next door and thought oooh good, lovely fresh juices – that’s healthy.

I miss juice bars. I’ve never met a good juice bar in Spain. Those I have encountered add sugar or milk or sorbet and they are usually based mainly around orange juice or milk. I’ve only found a couple of places that offer vegetable juices.

Anyway, the juices at the Beach Club in Marbella managed to disappoint in every area. The juices (such as mango, pineapple, watermelon, carrot, lemon) were watered down to the point of being almost completely tasteless. And I mean, tasteless. The mango juice I ordered was clear with a hint of orange colour and I couldn’t taste anything.

The girl sitting next to me ordered a pasta salad that looked equally bland. I watched her picking pasta spirals without any sauce from a plate for about twenty minutes. The rest of her salad consisted of grated carrot and a bit of green stuff that looked distinctly like iceberg lettuce – which should be avoided at all costs.

It disgusts me when establishments demonstrate a complete lack of respect for its clientele. Judging by what I tasted and saw, I’d never return to this place for food or ‘juice’.

They also sell sandwiches if you are not put off by this review.

If you want something fruity and refreshing, go next door to Llao Llao where you can have granizados made with fresh lemon, smoothies and frozen yogurts.

Even better is to go to nearby Loving Hut where you can get vegan smoothies, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, kombuch and divine vegan fodder.


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