Counting Blessings on a Sunny Day in Catalunya

A place to sit and soak up the wisdom of the sea


I spent the morning on the beach where I wandered with Sweep. Seeing him dash madly across the sand, darting in all directions like someone frantically trying to avoid a sniper’s shot by zig-zagging is always a joyous sight.

I sat to watch the waves crashing over breakers, crests turning emerald as the sun shone through until the white horses rolled in to carry the water to the shore where it overlapped around the base of rocks and stones.

Seeing the overlapping water I was reminded of my childhood on the south coast of England where friends and I would dare each other to jump across break waters, hurdle shingle banks near inlets or or climb pier supports. There was a thrill to it all but nothing dangerous; the greatest risk being wet shoes, socks and trouser bottoms (and perhaps a moan from my folks) but as I sat with my back to the sea wall I saw the child in me daring to dash between the folds of sea water and scramble up the rocks to dry feet safety.

The adult resisted but the residue of those childhood memories felt very tangible for a short moment. I come alive near water and I’m convinced we humans are more elemental than we realise. The sun was shining down, cutting through crepe ribbons of white cloud and the rich blueness of the sky is always as kindling to the joy in my soul.

I have seen this sky so often and yet I can never find enough words to conjure its magnificence.


Sweep in magnificent profile at Sitges

Am I lucky or have I chosen all this? Sweep Ositio, a humble transient lifestyle in a beautiful country. I traded possessions for happiness and the rest came to find me.


Despite shunning the ordinary life and all its trappings I feel more content without the security of a mortgaged home and possessions that only serve to anchor us. The soul and spirit need to taste adventure and I can not live with the mundane of the rat race. There is no thrill there for me.

No, my heart needs the sea, blue sky, crepe ribbon clouds, recalled childhood feelings and crisp salty air to make me feel alive. I count my blessings that I am fortunate enough to have found a life that suits me and I hope that others find their kindling too.

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