Creperie Bretonne Annaik – Barcelona

Villa Olimpica
Ramon Trias Fargas, 2-4

(quite difficult to find – it’s actually within the small parade of shops/bars at the top of an escalator.)

There are also branches in Figureres, Girona, Valencia, Madrid, Collioure and Vigo.

The association between crepes and the good ‘ol UK is something of a dichotomy but Creperie Bretonne celebrates this unlikely duo, and it’s not for us to question porque.

This is not a vegetarian restaurant but the menu does contain lots of dishes that might be of interest to a hungry veggie, especially one on a night out with some unfashionable carnivores, the best of which can be seen below:

Crepes (known as galettes) have the following fillings that a vegetarian might like: natural with butter and Bretana salad (whatever that is); with egg; with emmental cheese; with four types of cheese and onion or with lettuce, goat cheese, figs and raisins. Galettes cost between €3.50 and €10.

There are a load of salads with a few vegetarian ones such as green salad; La Foristiere with lettuce, nuts, raisins, apple, croutons, figs and orange and a Greek salad with fresh mint. Salads cost between €5 and €12.

Tortillas (eg thick Spanish style omelettes) have various veg-friendly varieties such as Roquefort, emmental or potatoes and mushrooms. Tortillas cost between €6.20 and €7.90.

There are sweet crepes for dessert served with sugar; fresh lemon and sugar; chocolate; chocolate, orange and cream; banana and chocolate… you get the idea. There are loads and as there are no naturally sweet fleshed animals, they are all suitable for vegetarians at least. Sweet crepes cost between €3 and €7 each. And if that isn’t enough there is a massive range of ice creams and a few batidos (milkshakes).

They serve hot chocolate and a couple of herbal teas along with the usual arrange of drinks such as cider, beer, coffee etc.

Good crepes near la playa. Which is where I’d like to be right now.


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