Crucina raw food restaurant – Madrid

Calle del Divino Pastor 30
(near to Fuencarral)

Monday – Saturday 13hrs -16hrs and then 20hrs-00hrs
Sunday 13hrs -16.30hrs

Crucina is the only raw food restaurant I’ve come across or heard about in the whole of this damn huge and unrelentingly beautiful country (I’ve heard there is one on Ibiza too but I’ve yet to go there).  There isn’t even a raw food restaurant in the trendy and throbbingly cosmopolitan metropolis that is Barcelona. Vegan restaurants, yes, but nothing for raw food vegans other than some rather paltry salad bars that usually contain 50% cooked foods anyway.

So, Crucina, yes [rubs hands together], very pleasantly surprised I have to say. I’ve been to raw food places in the UK that seem to think that all that needs to be done is shred some vegetables and dehydrate some raw crackers until they resemble building materials. I’ve no issue with shredded vegetables – vegetables are exactly what raw food is all about, but I can grate a carrot at home, if I’m eating out, I want something more creative.

Anyway, for the first time since entering Spain I was met with an entirely raw vegan menu – which made my soul tickle. They have green juices! I’ll say that again, they have green juices! It’s not just orange juice with carrot juice. Splendid.  I had a spinach, cucumber, celery and lemon and it was delicious – not unpleasant tasting at all, like some green concoctions of swallowed down in the name of health.

The dishes at Crucina are the kind you’d hope to see on any self-respecting raw food menu: lasagne, moussaka, raw curry, tiramisu, chia pudding,

The location is good, less than ten minutes walk from San Bernado Estacion de Metro and the ambience is very modern and clean but lovely. Friendly staff and all in all a really positive eating and being experience in every sense of the word. I felt adequately full and vital after eating.  A perfect and natural state to be in after eating.

It rocks!

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