Cultural Centre Calisay, Arenys de Mar

cultural centre calisay, arenys de mar


Nestled between Parc de Lourdes and Riera del Bisbe Pol lies the lovely Cultural Centre Calisay of Arenys de Mar. The building is set back from the main road and is easily found thanks to its distinctive chimney which was originally part of the liquor factory.

The magnificent building at the heart of the site is home to many cultural and informative facets of Arenys de Mar including spaces for live events, conferences and other corporate gatherings.

The local council acquired the building and transformed it into the cultural centre in 1996 when it was decided they wanted to push forward with cultural activities and offer better, more informative services to locals and people across a wider area.

In 2009 the centre attracted 142,779 users and proved the popularity and quality of the facilities available.

Within the walls of the Cultural Centre Calisay you will find a citizens advice bureau similar to those found in most UK towns and cities, where locals can get free advice on many different types problems or legal matters.

There is also a patio area outside to compliment the youth area. Cultural Centre Calisay also offers recreational activities for elderly patrons and is home to Radio Arenys de Mar, The Youth Information Centre, Department of Culture and the Municipal School of Music Charles G Vidiella.

Spain’s sense of community doesn’t seem to have waned and the cultural centre is another great example of how they like to ensure a community spirit is well maintained. With activities for people of all ages and a fine historical background, Cultural Centre Calisay is a great landmark to add to your travel itinerary.

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