Cup & Cake – El Raval, Barcelona

Cup & Cake, El Raval, Barcelona

Cup & Cake – El Raval, Barcelona

c/Tallers 79

Enric Granados, 145

Another cupcakery has opened in upper Raval, Barcelona called Cup & Cake. They are breeding, I could swear it.

The interior of Cup & Cake (a small takeaway) is gleamingly white and the service courtesy of a charming young wench is as smiley as can be.

Cup & Cake in Barcelona

Cup & Cake serve cupcakes (I shit you not) of a few different types such as Oreo cookie, raspberry and chocolate and Greek yogurt, but they also serve other types of cakes, fresh coffees and hot chocolates.

I – being the Amy Winehouse of sugar – was straight in there with a raspberry and chocolate which looked divine and in fact all was going well: the frosting was creamy and sweet (tick) and the consistency of the sponge was tight and moist, how I like my men (tick), but then I got this horrible chemically aftertaste. I’m guessing it was either food colouring or food flavouring, but I’ve never tasted anything like it before in a cupcake. Grump! And it was going so well.

Cup & Cake

Anyway, the cupcakes cost €2.50. Maybe I was unlucky, but there was definitely something weird going on in my cupcake. Another partial success.

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